you only realise how bad the jokes on this site are until you actually say one out loud

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Q: Were you ever in denial about your ED? I have most of the symptons/signs of anorexia but I just can't picture myself this way. It feels wrong and kinda alien. Should I just gain weight and live on or should I seek treatment??


yes. i was. i looked it up. i took tests (i weird) but regardless i thought “nah. not possible. not me. it couldn’t happen. i can stop myself before I’m all bones. i dont even look like that”


thats what gets us all. thinking that an ED is a physical illness…. but its not. its a mental illness. it messes with your brain. how it processes information, how it calculates, how it functions, how it dozes off, how it goes through numbers, how it perceives your body image, how it conontates food. all of it. is mental. the distancing yourself from others, avoiding all food situations with your parents and constantly saying your “eating with your friends”. thinking that you can’t eat that food until you’ve done x amount of minutes of exercise.

either or my dear. it depends on you as a person as to which route will work.

i tried the “just gain the weight and up the calories” thing. it worked for three days at a time but then id fall into a vicious cycle. i would be sat, sun and monday on 3000 cals and then tues, wed, thurs, friday i would fall back horribly. it ended badly for me. to the point of hospital. i always had the feeling that a program was what i needed. that i didn’t trust anyone to feed me but those professionals. so my dear. its up to you. regardless, yes.. you should gain the weight and live on. 

the real question is. do you want to do maudsley method on your own, or do FBT with your parents (i recommend this) or go into a PHP, outpatient, inpatient or residential program?

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My heart sank
And suddenly
I realized
I had no one c.k. (via we-dont-own-our-heavens)
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Kris Jenner is the real life version of Regina George’s mom

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don’t date anyone who isn’t proud of you

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i’m so tired of hiding everything. i want to yell my thoughts at everybody, i want to run until my lungs feel like shit, i want to scream until my throat feel like it’s burning, i want to look at everybody like they’re my entire universe, i want to write the best shit, i want to sing out loud the lyrics of my favorite song in the middle of the night with the person i love the most, i want to be the most interesting person in a room full of people. i don’t know, i just want to be breathtaking. (via insdie)

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